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Wairimu Warobi

Wairimu Warobi was born in Hackney, London in 1970 and returned to Kenya, where she grew up in Nairobi and attended school. She is the firstborn with 3 siblings, (2 married) and aging parents. Her joy is her 1 niece and 2 nephews.

Wairimu’s career as a secretary developed into a Personal assistant in media, corporate, local and international organisations in Kenya.

Wairimu moved back to England in 2001 and worked in the NHS and Social Care in mental health. She has studied Cross Cultural Psychology as SOAS, An introduction to Counselling course and theory, Coaching, Life Story Coach and emotional abuse.

She stopped working in 2016 due to decreased mobility and chronic pain. The diagnoses of fibromyalgia and depression took it’s toll but this didn’t stop her from reinventing herself albeit not as fast as she would have liked.

An overcomer after sexual abuse as a minor and functional alcoholism, she now lives a quieter life contending with the havoc of a central nervous disorder which has no cure. This was triggered by chronic stress. She challenges the stereotypes for people with mental health and infertility. She is a mental health advocate and No violence against women and supports the community through a closed Facebook and an ambassador for The Nous.

She is a recipient of the Little Effects Award for empowering women. The award is given to 100 women around the world. She has been an ambassador for Eric Thomas, Purpose Walk 2016 and 2017. She is a writing contributor for Www.The Mighty.com a non-profit USA organisation that allows people to share their stories.