Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement’s Acronym is FACTS

F    Facilitate discussion on mental health and abuse online in the Black and Ethnic Minority Groups

A    Avail information on abuse and mental health (identifying and support systems)

C    Coach Women and men in managing their lives. Support in vision and professional development.

T    Teach principles of coaching mentoring, to support others growing in their area of expertise.

S    Support abused men and women (we do not replace professional support)

Short term

A facebook group started in April 2015 to educate on abuse and mental health.
We also have an Instagram and Twitter account Ladyboss190237.

The training programme ROARRR is complete and can be used to map personal development and planning projects. This is at a cost. My hope is that once I have mentored a person, they mentor someone else. They have access to this programme for life, at a minimal cost after training to receive any updates.

Discussing Living with a disability – invisible illness

Demystifying mental health in our communities through
Developing webnairs, podcasts to support mental health sufferers and victims of abuse.

Upload Soul to Soul

Support my partner, Amos Nek develop the Boss side and his Gift.

Mid Term

• Identify funding to do community workshops
• Work with other organizations to demystify abuse and mental health.
• Build a database of professionals who would train and facilitate in abuse and mental health
• To train coaches and mentors to support others in day to day activities
• Facilitate a conversation between the Church and professionals to engage in improving lives
• Income: design lady boss and like a boss memorabilia

Long term goals

• To engage with local and international community in funding the vision
• To engage local councilors and Members of Parliament in the discussion
• Lobbying for changes in legislation in different countries to support the vulnerable
• Training of Police and creating services that support victims of abuse and mental health in Africa
• Identifying a country to establish an effective social service to support the vulnerable.