Products & Services

Ms Lady Boss provides mentoring and coaching services for those who wish to develop their careers or explore areas of personal growth. I support survivors of abuse by coming alongside them in their healing journey and sign post to professional services. Using my experience in mentoring, I designed a programme with 8 modules called ROARRR – Awakening Sleeping Beauty, which will help explore your strengths as we work on your vision.  Coming up soon is a course for mentors coach to give them skills to manage their sessions and learn self reflection.

I have effectively mentored staff and friends who have changed careers or been promoted to higher positions .  By identifying each person’s strengths and skills I am able to work with them to attain their goals. I have supported people in abusive relationships from police stations, working on behavioral changes or just being a listener. I combine traditional and creative learning to make the sessions fun and memorable. These include drawing, mapping and personality tests to help you enjoy our time together.  I am currently running a closed Facebook page called Lady Boss where people share their experiences and I post educational Information to help others and address the stigma of abuse and mental health.

We are working on a page called Soul to Soul – Let’s Talk, which both Amos Nek and myself hope to build and educate Christians to avoid Spiritual abuse.

Ms Lady Boss ascribes to Equal Opportunities and is committed to ensure that this is embedded in everything we do. I will be offering discounted services to those disabled, in appreciation for wanting too reinvent themselves as I have a disability too. I have a plethora of coaches to sign post to areas I have no expertise in.

Do you want to change your career? Are you trying to figure out your purpose? Have you experienced abuse? Then you have found the right mentor to help you. Call me for a Free 30 minutes Consultation