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Wairimu K Warobi

I am Wairimu also known as Nimo to most of my friends. I am the Author of “Wounded: The Diary of the Nameless Woman”. I have also co-authored a soon to be released book on bullying and harassment in the workplace. I write about everything especially about living with disabilities and my reinventing to myself as an author.

I love, reading and writing and enjoying the summer sun when it is available. I love to travel and go home to Kenya or LA to visit family. I have lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Ghana and now the UK. I enjoy making friends from anywhere in the world.

Helping You Build Resilience and Hope


Life with Pain, Opioids and Depression

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This show is about story telling with lessons. Being AfroBrit, the two cultures result in growth and hilarity and being middle aged ramblings will happen. The show will discuss depression, infertility, living with chronic illness and relationships.
These are my stories.

Lady in field


Wounded Diary of a nameles woman by Warimu Warobi

Wounded: Dairy of a Nameless Woman

They say life begins at 40, Not So! The myth is busted for Nimo (Wairimu) by the onset of strange symptoms: sadness and anxiety, fatigue, chronic back pain.

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