Wairimu K Warobi

Born in Hackney London, Wairimu’s (Nimo) career spans corporate and international NGOs in Kenya, through to 17 years in Social Care and NHS England.

Wairimu is the author of Wounded: Diary of a Nameless woman and wants to be an established writer. Wounded: is a book that opens the pandora box of behind the scenes of living with depression and fibromyalgia and lupus, an autoimmune condition.

She is a Mental Health First Aider, activist and ambassador for a non-profit UK organisation, The Nous, creating awareness for Black Asian and Ethnic minorities and is a retired trade union activist representing, in particular, disabled members of BAME backgrounds. Privately, she walks beside people suffering from depression and fibromyalgia across world.

Wairimu received the Little Effects Award for empowering women in 2017 and writes for The Mighty.com, a non-profit USA organisation. In June 2020 she was awarded “editors choice award” and Inspirational Woman 2021 for the magazine Mo2vate.com

Why Lady Boss?

The concept of LadyBoss was born in 2006. After living in England for 5 years I felt that I was losing my identity. I had wounds that had started bleeding and I needed to address those. I wanted to work with women who had wounds particularly those who suffered sexual abuse and alcoholism.

As a traditional Kenyan woman, I was caught in 2 worlds, being British and Kenyan. The only solution was to integrate into both worlds taking the good of each and shedding what no longer served.

As a Christian I questioned my faith, due to challenges including racism and the changing in doctrine every now and then. I went in search of God. In my quest I found an activist like me in the Nazarene, who loved women. In pursuing a career (money) I felt I was losing my feinity as I wanted to have a somewhat traditional home.

With my history I enjoyed learning about mental health and as a service user I saw the gaps in treatment for “black” people. At work I was called Mrs Boss a nick names referring to Nicola Kidman, in the movie Australia working a hard terrain. We changed to LadyBoss as I integrated my traditions and the new things I was learning.

My Mission in life

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