Day 1- COVID Lockdown”

We are living in strange times; some may say terrifying times.  I decided two weeks before Boris’  announcement we are going into Lockdown again, to shield and isolate.  Its autumn and temperatures drop people with autoimmune illnesses start to prepare to hibernate. 

At the end of May 2020, I was hospitalised with COVID 19.  Very few know about this, you can imagine the anxiety of having to go through it again.  So, flu and pneumonia jabs are scheduled as discussed with the Consultant.  I  was under emergency care for 14 days and isolated.  I ended up in AMUH the emergency ward for COVID patients at West Middlesex University Hospital.  I was found wondering outside my flat, barefoot, and half dressed.   I had also locked myself out of my flat  with no knowledge of who I was. My oxygen level was 79% and the normal is 94% – 100% So you will have to excuse my lack of sympathy for the anti-maskers.  As a person with lupus I was scared if any of my organs would be affected and if my body could find the infection.  By God’s grace I walked out of the COVID ward.

As one of those categorised as vulnerable I rarely left home.  I say rarely because I did leave my house.  I cannot be indoors for more than 3 days because  depression and anxiety will set in.  Alternatively, I feel like a caged animal and feel the need to run. I do not know where I got it from. The onset of panic or anxiety attacks.   It remains a mystery how I got infected.  It could have been when touching my lift buttons, the doors when leaving my flat, who knows I could have brushed a person on the street. 

23rd September is my mum’s birthday and I have been fidgety with rivers of love flowing  for the little old lady.  My mum and dad have been the casualties of my COVID hospitalisation.  They live in Kenya and to receive a call that their daughter is in critical condition and it is not looking good shocked them badly.  Its 4 months now, and although I am fully recovered though I have to pace.  I also have fibromyalgia. 

I stare out of my balcony door and again as I said, we live in strange times and may terrifying times, we have to have HOPE. 

Wash your hands, wear a mask and social distance. 

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