Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready; after that, build your house. Proverbs 24:27

After months of not writing, one of my aims this year is to update my blog on a regular basis.  My hope is to share my thoughts or what I call my ramblings as we move through the New Year.   I admire those who have a plan for this year.  If you are like me, I have walked into 2016, with no agenda, no particular plan just a blank canvas.  The last years’ have made me weary .

My word for the year is Efficacy.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Efficacy which is a noun is “the power to produce a desired result or effect.”   The Collins dictionary defines Efficacy as “the quality of being successful in producing an intended result; effectiveness.”  You and I have the ability to produce what we want for its intended purpose.  The question is what are you producing?

In dissecting this, I walked through some memories of my childhood, when my dad would take us to the Shamba (farm).  It was 5.5 acres in Muguga beautiful green land with large trees that are grown for charcoal or off cuts for building (matherefu in Kikuyu).    It has a water source and there is electricity. There is access by road, however when it rains it can be brutal and getting in or out is a problem.  I strolled down to my grandmothers’ homes, they have the green thumb and each taught me something.

During our school holidays, we spent time with each grandma, and my maternal grandma taught us about farming.  She would divide pieces of her land and make us plant tomatoes, potatoes, spinach and cucumbers.   Once grown she would sell them and the next visit Guka (grandfather) would give us a Kshs 5.00 and that was a big gift to us.

My other grandmother has her land subdivided into paddocks.  These paddocks were 8: 6 of which she planted Napier grass, cabbage, yam, potatoes, bananas, maize and anything that could be grown; the other 2 grew grass and the cows lazed around to heal that land.  They believed in rotational farming.  She went further to create her own biogas that services her home.

The identified paddocks are prepared for the planting seasons.  They are cleared, of all the weed and stones ensuring that when the furrows are dug, the earth is clear.  Once this is done, a decision is made on what should be planted where.  My grandmother taught us to measure by pace.  Depending on the produce needed we would either drop the seed or sit on the ground, pour fertiliser or manure and plant the root into the soil.  This would ensure that there was room for the root to hold, grow and reach water.  You would use your hands to create the hole and then cover the root and ensure it held.  With vegetables like tomatoes, the vines needed to be held up with sticks and tied up to ensure that they grew in the right direction.  Once this was done, we would water the furrows to ensure that the seedlings started well.

After a couple of weeks, we would inspect the patch we were given, and we would then clear the weed and remove anything that would affect the growth of the produce.  In between we would water the patch by going down the river to get water.   It is the same when preparing to build a house; you clear the field to ensure that there is nothing preventing the drill for the foundation.  For a strong foundation will hold the house.

The proverb is clear and spoke to me about ensuring I had done my preparatory work.  I am very OCD when it comes to preparatory work.  When I decided to work on Lady Boss I started with a vision, I wrote it close to 9 years as I grew in information and as a person. The furrows are the details of the plan.  Many times people forget to ensure that their values and foundation are intact and wing it. During this period I was making furrows, I have created a fund E-Programme which is 90 days to get you to map your dream and get you started.  I use the system of ROARRR in life, and if you invest in it, it’s yours for life. I am editing 26 chapters of my books.

My thoughts: keep it simple, clear your fields.  Like the paddocks, decide on 3 big goals that are specific and measurable with clear reasonable time scales.  These are usually the tough ones, the ones that make you cry and rejoce.  The next 4 are the less stressful goals, you pick how you prioritise them (this will be in a later blog).  Dig your furrows and plant your seeds and dreams then build your house.    Don’t forget to water them and redirect to avoid killing the dream.

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