I have a diagnosis, Help!

“Doctor, I cannot take it anymore,” tears spilled from my eyes from my very soul. “Miss Warobi what is wrong, I have not seen you like this, you are very resilient?” This was August 2012.

Symptoms: I was over sleeping, never getting enough rest. I cried so much and the thought of leaving my house brought on panic or anxiety attacks. My body ached: joints and muscles had tremors, my back felt like I had a sack on my back which I badly needed to give away. I forgot stuff my concentration was everywhere and my bed was my best friend. Unknowingly I started withdrawing from people. My simple answer was always “I am fine”.

“Miss Warobi do you realize you are depressed!” “No doc” I said, “I am stressed from work”. He pulled out my file and revisited my last four visits and in his gentle words “You need some help, you have gone through a lot”. The year before I thought my friend was satan when she suggested antidepressants pills. I am still on the medication and it’s reviewed every 6 months.


After a long discussion with me asking many questions, I was diagnosed with moderate depression and went on medication. 3 weeks later I was not crying and feeling overwhelmed. I still was physically exhausted but I could function. It had taken one year to reach the point. My best friend recognized it before me.

Depression as we know is triggered by lots of different issues e.g. death of a loved one, loss of a job, financial or family and health challenges and hormonal imbalances. The symptoms imitate things like colds, flu, malaria, however that is just the physical. The emotional is birthed by changed behaviour over a extended period of time that affects you as a person or your family.
What do you do when you get a diagnosis? BREATHE, take BIG SLOW BREATHS. It can be overwhelming.

There is no shame in seeking help. Your first place to share what you are going through could be a family member or a close friend. Sometimes having someone you trust to chat with regularly can alleviate the pressure.
Depression is when perceived or real pressure is applied on you and presses you down and affects your thoughts and emotions.

If things don’t get better visit a general physician or hospital facility that has mental health support. You can be referred to a counsellor or a professional and start a talking therapy. You can also speak to your lead religious minister if that is what is most comfortable for you. My pastor was brilliant.

Most importantly don’t make any major decisions at this time.

Take care of yourself first and we learn to walk this journey together. Open the palms gently, I will walk beside you my friend.

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