Wounded Diary of a nameles woman by Warimu Warobi

The Author Journey

 “Life happens in a series of moments”, is my mantra.  “Wounded: Diary of a Nameless Woman”, attained its 29th position on the Amazon bestseller list and a Hot New Release in a week.    This is my way of remaining productive and sticking my finger at my diagnosis of depression and fibromyalgia and lupus (which …

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The 2 of Me – Fibromyalgia Awareness May 2019

Every time the Fibromyalgia Awareness month comes around, I tend to feel inadequate to explain my physical pain or inspire those whose journey is so very different from mine. It has been close to 7 years since I started living with Chronic pain and 5 years since I got the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Chronic …

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Faith/Religion and Mental Health

The Nous, a UK non-profit organisation, will be hosting a programme on the Role of Faith/Religion and mental health this weekend. As I sit staring into the dark, I cannot help but consider how my attitude towards Christians changed since I was diagnosed with depression and fibromyalgia. The story of the Good Samaritan pops in …

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Your immune system and Fibro/Depression

Last November I went out to visit my doctor for my annual medication review. I was suffering with intermittent pain and my medication was not effective at certain hours of the day. After our chat and changing the medication to an 8-hour dispensation, I asked about my blood work. Due to the guinea pig feeling …

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