We can no longer be silent!

One of the most dangerous phenomena in the African culture is constant messaging of “don’t tell anyone”. This is especially when you are having issues and tissues.  It is known that whatever is suppressed like a pressure cooker, will either explode or implode. Imploding is dangerous as it affects the body and affect immune systems …

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Faith/Religion and Mental Health

The Nous, a UK non-profit organisation, will be hosting a programme on the Role of Faith/Religion and mental health this weekend. As I sit staring into the dark, I cannot help but consider how my attitude towards Christians changed since I was diagnosed with depression and fibromyalgia. The story of the Good Samaritan pops in …

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Young People’s Mental Health in a Changing World

Today 10th October 2018, marks World Mental Health. This year emphasis will be on the mental health of young people. As the day draws closer I have sat for a long period wondering what is my contribution to this day. I will confess there are days I am grateful I do not have children.  I …

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MENTAL HEALTH – a buzzword?

  It has been almost 2.5 years since I joined The Nous, a UK non-profit organisation as an Ambassador. The vision, to create awareness on mental health. I have a separate Facebook Group Ladyboss. Both Facebook groups facilitate information sharing and provide a safe closed space to share journeys and get support online. The groups …

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Mental Health in Kenya – Njoki’s story

          I strolled into Java Yaya Centre excited to visit with an old friend. The person whom I met was not the same woman I had not seen for 10 years. We had found each other through facebook and I looked forward to some old memories. Njoki aged 44 was born …

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