The Power of Your Story

I have always wrestled with telling my story simple reason at times people look at me like I dropped from Venus on a space ship. Other times is knowing when and where I can tell it like it is. So I pour hours of writing in a book that I want to see published other times I want the earth to open and swallow me up at the thought of being vulnerable.

At the age of 10 I looked up at my dad and told him, “daddy I am going to write 5 best sellers and live off the royalties”. After moving to England my dear father started bothering me, “when are you going to do it?”. My first book “Zuena” which means “Beautiful” in Arabic, is a story of two girls who grow in the inner city in Nairobi separated by a road who experience sexual abuse. The second is “The Journey of The Nameless Woman” that shares my experience as a black woman diagnosed with depression and fibromyalgia. I have a third book in mind but have not settled on a title.

In a world where everyone is publishing a book I sometimes wonder if people are being instructed properly. We all have a story to tell, but do we need to put it out in the big bad world? There is Power in Story Telling, the greatest question is it necessarily open it up for everyone or should it be to educate those near you and your community and not cyber space?

People say you have a story, question, do you think you have a story? Then go ahead and tell it. As an story teller I believe there is a place to tell stories and the more the better. But like my grandma’s stories they all held wisdom.

My but and my big but is most people start the story from the place of victim to success. The sub clause is so minor that if you tell your story you will be successful what is your definition of success? You need to be absolutely sure why you need to tell your story, if it’s for money that’s neither here nor there. The success of your story is from the lessons learnt and what you can teach to the “nation” you are meant to reach. Not everyone will understand your story but there may be issues that are commonly intertwined in others journey.

I grew up reading and absorbing information like a sponge my interest was always human behaviour. I purchased books until my mum had to stop me, Kindle hooray arrived just in time. I am an avid reader and can tell a good book from a not so good book in my area of interest. You will not find me in the math, physics or statistics section!

Depending on your genre you must be absolutely confident within yourself if it is an autobiography with things like mental health or abuse you have made your peace. The process of memories can trigger other emotions you have not dealt with.

There is something people forget that with authenticity you make sure what you want known is known. Too much emphasis on enlarging your public space to create your following is a very dangerous concept especially if you have a mental health diagnosis. The same crowd chanting your praises will crucify you. You may know a guy like that, can you handle it.

I have watched several women tell their stories I admire each has released information on the public domain carefully and thoughtfully especially to their loved ones. Another consideration people don’t take. Some like us join credible organizations like to gain knowledge and observe the reception we get with snippets of our lives

I finally figured my story has to have solutions to problems, so in fact if one comes to me for help, I am the brand and my experience comes alongside you as you draw your map to your goals. I even realised the stories and skills are transferable. I am a mental health advocate n’est ce pas?

My daily question as I tap on my keyboard is why am I telling this story. My answer is first to present my first script to me and my dad who believes I am a good writer. Second to the thousand nameless women who suffer from invisible illnesses telling them it’s not over unless you say so. You Can Reinvent yourself with the proper map in front of you, I am trying to.

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