Why I said No to #metoo

It is a deeply hidden personal secret that I don’t handle issues to do with sexual assault or harassment well. The reason I struggle to publicly speak about my rape as a minor at the age of 11 and 12.  An interesting fact is that fibromyalgia in some women is triggered by trauma like rape. […]


Extract from “Wounded: The Journey of a Nameless Woman” by Waírímú K Warobi© It was an early Sunday morning in November 2015, the streets were quiet and there was no activity. The sky was grey in London; the beginnings of winter cold crept in. The morning fog was heavy, and no doubt everyone snuggled in […]

Thank you Daddy

In our journey of trying to understand this illness called Fibromyalgia, its important to have faith and hope. Faith that one day I’ll get this pacing business right and live in some semblance of normalcy in a world of chaos. The chaos of managing even day to day activities. It’s a quiet Sunday morning and […]